Latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) Developments as of July 9, 2024

Robots in a news room
  1. OpenAI Breach: OpenAI’s systems were recently breached. However, the breach was superficial and did not compromise any secret ChatGPT conversations [1]. 
  2. Quantum Rise Funding: Quantum Rise, a Chicago-based startup that provides AI-driven automation for companies, raised a $15 million seed round [1]. 
  3. AI Regulation: The U.S. Supreme Court struck down “Chevron deference,” a 40-year-old ruling on federal agencies’ power [1]. 
  4. AI Deepfakes: YouTube has made changes to make it easier to report and take down AI deepfakes [1]. 
  5. Cloudflare’s AI Bot Tool: Cloudflare launched a tool to combat AI bots [1]. 
  6. Altrove’s New Materials: Altrove, a French startup, is using AI models and lab automation to create new materials [1]. 
  7. AI’s Energy Cost: Google’s environmental report avoided addressing the actual energy cost of AI [1]. 
  8. Generative AI in Metaverse Games: Meta plans to bring more generative AI tech into games, specifically VR, AR (Augmented Reality), and mixed reality games [1]. 
  9. Plagiarism Accusations: News outlets are accusing Perplexity of plagiarism and unethical web scraping [1]. 
  10. Hebbia’s Funding: AI startup Hebbia raised $130 million in funding. The company aims to help firms efficiently parse and interpret complex data [5]. 

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